Newport Community Yoga is blessed this month to showcase the artwork of a yet another great artist, Meredith Brower.


Meredith Brower, photographer and graphic designer, is owner/operator of Meredith Brower Photography and founder/director of the Firefly Yoga Festival.

A graduate of the Rochester Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Commercial Photography, Brower describes herself as someone who “usually plays it safe”. But when her own circumstances led her to a place of deep introspection, she knew it was time to take the risk and let her photography light shine.

Like a firefly, she felt the light growing stronger the more she envisioned herself creating great imagery and making connections with her community. By letting her “inner fire fly”, meredith has since created a 2017 yoga calendar, founded the Firefly Yoga Festival, opened a photography studio on Spring Street in Newport, RI and has launced a series of Mandala notecards.

Meredith’s work is inspired by the quiet countryside and beautiful light in Tiverton, RI, where she grew up and lives today. Her fascination with light carries over into her passion for yoga where Meredith finds the peace and rekindling of her inner light.

Meredith Brower Photography
42 Spring Street, Unit 4, Newport, RI 02840
cell/text: 401-474-1064
email: 630photo@gmail.com



Hello everybody I’m Catiflor of Mountain Spirit Mandalas

Where does the name come from?

The word mandala comes from the ancient Indian language of Sanskrit. Loosely translated it means circle, however a mandala is much more then a simple shape. You see, a circle represents wholeness, and can be seen as a model for the entire organizational structure of life itself. In other words a cosmic diagram of the cycles that remind us of our relationship to the infinite, both internally and externally.

There you have it, a mandala depicts material and non-material realities, mind and body, heaven and earth, and can speak to all life’s cycles, as a circle depicts wholeness or unity.

As it is…I am the Mountain Spirit creating my own expressions of the infinite universe nestled soundly in the Appalachians.(most of the time) I tend to scale many mountains, on adventures, being inspired by the intricacies weaving all life as one.

Shadow and light are my teachers as I dance to embody the wisdom inside. My visual creations are a reflection of the inner work and understanding I uncover through the excavation of my heart.

Inspiration sometimes grabs me by surprise and expands my imagination into patterns and geometry from another time…Egypt, India, the Americas… each in their own expression of life have influenced my work. Asia is soon to come and only Spirit knows the seeds of visionary expansion that have yet to take root.

I have found my power in allowing my unique self-expression and creative force to flourish and be seen. I hope that what comes through me can uplift and empower you to share your gifts and love with the world too.

In deep gratitude and love,

<3 Catiflor

Moon blossoms (lotus flower)

Every drop of pure water contains the stories and intelligence of life held in its molecular structure. When we remember this as we drink we have access to the memories stored within. Our remembrance of where we come from through the water has a blossoming effect in our lives. This WATER mandala reminds us that every drop of water has the power to unlock our potential to live in remembrance of where we come from.


wAYS OF THE wIND (feathers)

An ode to our movements inspired by the wind, and the recognition of the magic found when we follow this guidance. The sparkles between the feathers remind me of the ‘dust’ or particles of light that open portals into other worlds. This AIR piece invites us into the spirals of insight we can receive when we let go and dance with the spirits of the wind.

WINGS OF transformation (white on red)

Through the digestive fire of our experience we learn to release what doesn’t serve us and carry on what does. It is the tempering process we all go through in order to expand into our full potential. This FIRE mandala represents our transformation from the dust of the past into the phoenix of present. Soaring from the fire, living through the lessons of our experience with an open heart.


hELD IN dUALITY( yin yang)

There is light and there is dark. We exist in the duality of yin and yang. There is life and there is death. This ETHER piece depicts the relationship between the cycle of light and dark in which we live. We are invited to remember that as duality cycles in our lives we are held in a space of grace by the wings of Isis. Isis’s wings are that of a vulture. A bird can process the worst of death digesting it into life again. Isis is the all mother and healer with the power to create life and take it away. Her wings hold us in a space of love as we ebb and flow on the journey of life.

ONE becomes all (white ink on blue)

From the center, a circle, a cell, all life is created. This ETHER mandala represents the miracle of how all life emerges from within the space of one. The circle in the center symbolizes the beginning, the doorway of creation that births the lotus of infinite consciousness and all things into being. From the beginning we are all one.





Every single moment has infinite possibilities of perspective. A picture gives every viewer the chance to create their own perspective; a picture gives the viewer the chance to see a perspective outside of their own.

 Growing up in South Kingstown, RI, Madeline spent most of her life outside and very close to the ocean, whether it was in Charlestown or Newport or anywhere in between. Always wanting the ability to capture beauty, she has snapped photos for most of her life. About a year ago she decided to up the anty and make photography a frequent pastime with a few goals in mind. Capturing Rhode Island through a camera lens became a personal meditation and a means of reminding people how beautiful the little state really is.

Madeline is beyond thrilled to be featured on the walls of Newport Community Yoga. She cannot wait to be a witness to the union of  the art, music and yoga communities in Newport. She is also a 200-hr certified yoga instructor under the lovely Judy McClain (student of Sri Dharma Mittra) at Grace Yoga School in North Kingstown, RI.

With her camera, she hopes to remind everyone to stop, be patient, and breath in the salty sea. Maddie believes that finding a few meditative minutes for yourself per day – whether that means taking photos, watching the sunset or practicing body acceptance – is a key in feeling the ground beneath your feet and understanding that the ground is there to support you.

Feel free to check out more of her work ~
instagram | @throughwonderingeyes
facebook | https://www.facebook.com/madelinerachelphotography