Deep Relaxation and Activation of your Imagination

DATE: February 22nd

TIME: 7pm-8pm

PRICE: $20

LOCATION: in Zettmar Studio, (2nd floor of Newport Congregational Church, corner of Spring St/Pelham St.)

Deep Relaxation and Activation of your Imagination

In this workshop you will be either sitting up, or laying down on a yoga mat. Feel free to bring your own pillow, blanket, eye-pillow or whatever you need to be super comfortable.There are some pillows and blankets in the studio that you can use as well. There will be soft playing music and I will talk you into a light trance, where you will enter the ” twilight zone” that is so beneficial for both body and mind. There I will offer some suggestions for you to be healthy, happy and at peace. These suggestions land so much better when you are in a relaxed state, since they go right to your subconscious mind. I will also describe beautiful landscapes and peaceful scenarios.The images you generate in your own mind are powerful and influence your physical and mental, emotional health, according to studies in psycho-neuro immunology. Your body cannot tell the difference if an image is from outer or inner reality, so this is like taking a mini- vacation. Aren’t you worth it? $20 cash or check at the door. Please let me know ahead of time that you are coming! Preferably the day before.Thank you, and looking forward to seeing you there!