“ENERGY is the real substance behind the appearance of matter and forms.” -Dr. Randolph Stone founder of Polarity Therapy

What to expect in a session:

In a session, which will last for roughly 1.5 hours, a health history and intake form will be filled out and discussed to give the practitioner an understanding for the elemental composition of the client. The client will wear loose fitting clothing and lie on a massage table facing upward, downward or on their side depending on which manipulations are necessary to restore balance to the system.

They can expect anywhere from 5-15 grams of pressure (a combination of light, moderate and profound), each of which  sends and directs energy in a different way which removes blockage or fixation in the system and allows energy to flow freely. As an entirely whole practice, Polarity complements traditional treatments for acute and chronic conditions, such as pain from illness or injury, fatigue and mental or emotional stress. 

It is ideal for rejuvenation and restoration in the energetic, mental and physical bodies. Many clients use Polarity Therapy as a way to maintain their overall energy and well-being as well as addressing acute disorders.


Used for conditions including but not limited to:


Allergies                     Headaches

Migraines                    Irritable bowel syndrome

Improved range of motion            Stimulates immune system

Reduces swelling                 Relieve stress

Aids in restoration of all organ systems         Anxiety

Arthritis                    Back pain

Chronic fatigue syndrome             Depression

Headaches                     Irritable bowel syndrome

Migraines                     Improved range of motion

Stimulates immune system             Reduces swelling

Relieve stress                     Aids in restoration of all organ systems


First Single Session: $95

Second Single Session: $85
3 Pack: $225 ($ 75 a session)
5 Pack: $360  ($72 a session)

*Allow 1.5 hour for first session to include time for consultation and filling out intake form.

A Rhode Island native, Julia Collins has been studying Polarity and Cranio-Sacral Therapy since 2013 at Centro de Terapia de Polaridad in Tepoztlán, México. She continues her studies under Eduardo and Silvia Morales, renowned practitioners and teachers for over 25 years. Prior to her interest in the Human Energy System, Julia graduated with honors from St. Lawrence University with a Bachelor of Science in Biology. Since college, Julia has lived and traveled all over Central America, Europe and the United States learning about and loving life in all aspects. 

To schedule please Contact Julia Collins Directly via cell or e-mail

Tel: 401-649-1110