Vinyasa All Levels

Wake up your body in this dynamic all levels class that focuses on mind, body, and breath connection to create meditation in motion. We will flow through breath-centric asana sequences that target core strength, balance, and flexibility with principals of alignment and philosophy woven throughout. The instructor will offer modifications and variations to make this class accessible to all levels.

*For HEATED, room temperature is increased to 80 degrees.
*Teacher in training classes are by-donation and are taught by 200-hour certified yoga teachers who are brand new to teaching.

Yin & Restorative

In this held space we will slow our minds and bring stillness to our bodies. Yin is the passive practice to balance our increasingly yang, or active, lifestyle. Working specifically with connective tissue, we will hold postures for longer with the use of our breathe to restore our energy flow and flexibility. As stated by David Williams, “the real yoga is what you can’t see.” Various props will be used for extra support in facilitating long held postures.

*For HEATED, room temperature is increased to 80 degrees.

Mom & Baby Yoga

This class provides moms (or dads/ caregivers) a relaxed space to connect with other parents. Yoga postures and breath work focus on supporting postpartum healing and easing the physical and emotional strain that comes along with the joy that a new baby brings to your life! Postures will focus on building strength throughout your entire body during the early stages of postpartum recovery. The class is best suited for moms that are 6 – 20 weeks postpartum with pre-crawlers. While the class will focus on the mother/ care giver, infant massage and movement exercises with baby are included.

Baby Yoga

 Infants are natural yogis. They naturally move through many of the primary yoga poses in their developmental process from birth through creeping, crawling, sitting, standing and walking. They need to do this to develop the natural curves in their spines as well as build strength in their muscles.

In this class mom’s and caregivers will learn baby exercises and yoga poses to strengthen growing muscles, aid in digestion, promote better sleeping patterns and help infants towards their next stage of development – sitting, crawling, standing and walking. You’ll learn exercises for their developmental process and brain development, and important methods for soothing. It’s also a great bonding tool for parents, caregivers.

Potential benefits of baby yoga include:

Build body awareness and strengthen growing muscles

Work towards the next developmental milestone

Poses and exercises to promote better sleeping patterns and aid in digestion

Enjoy tummy time

Stimulate their senses and brain development


Gentle Candlelit Yoga

A sweet and subtle class geared towards nurturing and healing our worn out bodies using simple breathing techniques (pranayama), gentle yoga postures (asanas) and relaxation. A passive, mostly floor, practice  will give way to restorative postures supported with props and a long final rest (savasana). Practice will be enjoyed with candlelight as our days grow shorter.

Little Yogis Ages 2-4

(little siblings welcome!)

We all feel better when we make time to move our bodies every day! This unique class for kids and care takers combines yoga and play through yoga animal poses, imagination, partner poses, song and dance, breathing exercises and yoga story time.  Namaste and Play!

Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal yoga cultivates a gentle, restorative and intimate space for a woman to connect with her breath, growing baby, and other women. This class will focus on the needs of the body to support pregnancy as well as guided meditation and relaxation to support the mind. Yoga can also alleviate many of the discomforts of pregnancy such as nausea, constipation, varicose veins, swelling, back pain and sciatica. This class is a safe, open community that allows you to freely discuss any issues, from discomforts and concerns, to the new changes your body and baby are experiencing. Please have your OBGYN/Birth professional clear you for participation

Integrative Yoga

Bring all parts of yourself together in this yoga class that is equal parts active and restful. Flow in a Vinyasa sequence that draws upon the wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine (Qi Gong and meridian theory) to clean the lines of energy and refresh the organ systems (and their associated emotions), heal and integrate ina restorative yoga pose, and connect with your calm, still self in a brief meditation that concludes the practice.

Ayurvedic Raja Yoga

The connection to breath and the balancing of internal and external elements are the basis of this hour-long asana practice. Each class will begin with gentle breath work and a short guided meditation to initiate the flow of energy throughout the body. With Ayurveda, brining the body to a state of balance will bring about true holistic health and wellness. The practice will always be designed around the weather of that particular day, what time of day the class is held, and what the current Season is. This practice is designed to nourish and soothe the body will also developing inner strength and a deeper sense of Self.

Mom and Baby Asana Practice with Share Circle

Bring along your sweet little Love for a gentle asana practice to ground the body and replenish the soul. Asana with your baby will allow you both to settle into your own energy while further deepening the incredible bond between parents and their children. Children learn through example and will be able to sense the calm and ease of their parent during asana. The class is an hour long with 40 minutes of asana and 20 minutes of sharing all aspects of parenthood.

NIA Dance Class

Move & Groove with Ezme Warm up with soft qi gong movements and further energizing with short, easy dance and martial arts sequences with Therapeutic Dance Facilitator, Esme. This class is based upon principles of creative, therapeutic and modern dance, Ezme’s classes also draw from her training in the holistic movement practice, Nia, a fusion of intuitive dance, martial arts (tae kwon do, aikido, tai chi), and healing arts (alexander, feldenkrais, & yoga stretches).

Naam Yoga

Naam Yoga is a practical, universal system of self-healing that uses pranayama, mudras, the recitation of mantra, asana, and movement to heal the body and positively impact health and vibration on physical, mental, and spiritual planes. Using music and mantra to transform our vibration through sound and prayer, these classes hold the intention to clear obstructive energy and generate more mental clarity, vitality and happiness. Cassie offers a playful approach to practical spirituality and prayer when guiding this practice of Shakti Naam Yoga and Meditation.

Stretch, Breath, Restore

Working specifically with connective tissue, we will hold postures for longer in order to restore energy flow and flexibility. This gentle class helps to release tension and unwind both mind and body while connecting with others doing the same. Gentle opening movements, mantra, and deep breathing are followed by highly supported restorative poses with messages of love and self-care carried throughout. All levels are welcome and no yoga experience is necessary.



All classes are currently postponed due to Covid-19 until further notice.


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9-10 am Intermediate Yoga for Seniors at Edwards King House (Amy) 

Call 401-846-7426 for questions on how to register for sessions 

price $35 for 5 week sessions



 9-10 am Gentle Yoga for Seniors at Edwards King House (Elizabeth) 

Call 401-846-7426 for questions on how to register for sessions 

price $35 for 5 week sessions

9:30 – 10:30 am Mom and Baby Yoga and Share Circle at Coggeshall Club (Emily)

$7per class, First class FREE

*6-7pm Gentle Yoga at Innovate Newport (meagan) $10



*10-11am ALL levels Vinyasa at Innovate Newport (Emily) $10

*5:15-6:15 Pre Natal yoga Coggeshal Club (Ashely) $10




 No class


No Class


*9-10 am Vinyassa Yoga at the Viking Hotel  $12 (pay at the front desk)



*9-10 am Vinyassa Yoga at the Viking Hotel  $12 (pay at the front desk)



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**Students, military, seniors, & yoga teachers: $10

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