Guided by an insistent inner vision of her spiritual journey, Stephanie left her studies in Art History at Boston University and set sail aboard tall ships in 1999. Motivated by her sense of adventure and curiosity, she has lived and worked in some of the most beautiful places in the country, sailing up and down both coasts, recording dreams and learning to communicate with the subtle energies of the natural environment.

Upon finding herself anchored in Newport, Rhode Island, an unnamed autoimmune disease began to affect her sight. Despite the challenge, she completed her degree at BU. In pursuit of improved eye health and the development of a different way of seeing, she went on to complete a Master’s degree in Holistic Leadership at Salve Regina University. She also completed a certificate of advanced graduate studies in Expressive and Creative Arts.

Seven years after Stephanie’s autoimmune disease surfaced, it went into remission/dormancy. She attributes this remarkable change to the multi-faceted support of her doctors, reiki healers, and acupuncturists, to profound self-reflection, meditation, yoga, nutrition, Rosen and EMDR therapies, and most importantly, to her tribe of friends, family, and classmates/professors who held space for necessary processing and growth.

Stephanie’s new way of seeing has become both literal and figurative. She now facilitates self-awareness and healing through play, curiosity, exploration, and immersion in Nature. She became certified in reiki and now practices deep healing through the light of ki (also known as chi or qi), using a unique combination of cards, art, and dialogue to illustrate messages from the higher self. She works with individuals, small groups, and corporations in developing mindfulness and integrating new perspectives; all in unique effort to help reduce stress and assist others in finding and healing themselves on their own illuminated journey.